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Contact: Elwin Stillman
Address: 5253 Clinton St. Lowville, NY, 13367
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Phone: 315-771-8551
About Us
For the last 63 years i have produced honey in Northern New York. Currently, I manage 20 honey producing colonies. The honey is from the various wild flowers in the Lewis County. Clover, dandelion, yellow rocket, basswood, goldenrod, knapweed, and Japanese knot weed are just a few of the many flowers producing plants. Each batch of honey is unique to the season and location of the nectar producing plants.. Commercial honey is mixed and filtered to produced honey with a constant color and flavor My honey is taken from the bees, extracted, gravity filtered and bottled. It may vary in color and flavor making every jar unique. The raw honey is filtered and bottled with no additional processing. Just after bottling it is liquid and then over a few weeks becomes crystalized. To return it to liquid place the jar in a hot water bath. You can purchase the honey in its raw form, unheated (crystallized) or liquid ( heated in a water bath).
I am not a treatment free beekeeper. Bees are far too precious for honey production and pollination to allow them to become diseased and die. All miticides are used in accordance with federal and manufacturers regulations.