Sterling Valley Maple
Address: 9610 Croghan Reservoir Rd Croghan, NY, 13327
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Phone: 315-586-2599
About Us
Sterling Valley Maple is a family owned maple producer. Located in Lewis County, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, three generations of maple producers tap thousands of trees every spring to produce pure maple syrup.
Sterling Valley Maple is a certified organic maple producer. All of our maple syrup is certified organic through NOFA-NY, LLC. Organic certification means that a third party has inspected our woods and boiling facility, that we use only approved materials and methods in the production of our syrup, and that we keep extensive records allowing us to trace our syrup from the tree to the container.

As of February 2019, Sterling Valley Maple has been recognized as a member of the NYS Grown and Certified program, recognizing a commitment to food safety and environmental stewardship.

Certified Kosher
Sterling Valley Maple's Maple Syrup has been certified Kosher by EarthKosher, an internationally respected Kosher Certification Agency. The process involves an analysis of our production process and an inspection of our facilities by a Rabbi.

Maple syrup has been produced in the Americas for hundreds of years. Today's techniques are a blend of art and science. We use a traditional wood-fired evaporator to bring out the rich maple flavors that have been familiar for generations. At the same time, we use reverse osmosis filters, modern vacuum systems, and food grade tubing to save time and energy and produce the best product possible. Our understanding of the science behind maple production sets us apart from our competition, while our respect for the tradition of maple syrup production ensures we will never sacrifice quality.